Multiple Mercurial repositories on SourceForge

In Timeline, Tutorials on October 1, 2009 at 8:19 AM

When SourceForge announced support for multiple Mercurial repositories I was eager to try it out for our project. I found the documentation on the wiki a bit lacking and I had to ask around on the IRC channel for help. Below I present the problem I had and the solution to it.

After reading Creating Multple Repositories on the Mercurial wiki page I had successfully created multiple repositories and was able to access them. I also read Mercurial permissions management and granted another member of my project write access. It turned out though that this was not enough.

You also need to change the permission on the Mercurial repositories using the interactive shell service so that the group also has write permissions:

chmod g+w .hg .hg/* .hg/store/*

And if you have any files under .hg/store/data you also need to assign the same permissions to them.

Even if you assign write permission to the group, only the ones that you granted access in the admin interface will be able to write to the repository. (The guys on the IRC channel told me that only the ones granted access in the admin interface will get the Mercurial mount.)

I think it would be good if this information was available on the SourceForge wiki. But in the meantime, I publish it here.


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